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  • Fire-retardant Coating

      1.Introduction Fire-retardant coating is a specialty coating that can reduce the flammability, block the rapid spread of fire, and improve limited fire-endurance of the coated material. 2.Operating principles 2.1 It is not flammable and can delay the burning or the deterioration of materi...
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  • Polyaldehyde resin A81

    Polyaldehyde resin A81

    Introduction Aldehyde resin, also known as polyacetal resin, is a kind of resin with excellent yellowing resistance, weather resistance and compatibility. Its color is white or slightly yellow, and its shape is divided into circular flake fine particle type after granula...
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  • Type of Antifoamers (1)

    Type of Antifoamers (1)

    Antifoamers are used to reduce the surface tension of water, solution and suspension, prevent foam formation, or reduce foam formed during industrial production. Common Antifoamerss are as follows: I. Natural Oil (i.e. Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, etc.)  Advantages: available, cost-effective and easy ...
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  • Film Coalescing Aid

    Film Coalescing Aid

    I.I ntroduction Film Coalescing Aid, also known as Coalescence Aid. It can promote the plastic flow and elastic deformation of polymer compound, improve the coalescence performance, and form film in a wide range of construction temperature. It is a kind of plasticizer which is easy to disappear. ...
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  • The Applications of Glycidyl Methacrylate

    The Applications of Glycidyl Methacrylate

    Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA) is a monomer having both acrylate double bonds and epoxy groups. Acrylate double bond has high reactivity, can undergo self-polymerization reaction, and can also be copolymerized with many other monomers; epoxy group can react with hydroxyl, a...
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  • Antiseptic and fungicide for coatings

    Antiseptic and fungicide for coatings

    Antiseptic and fungicide for coatings Coatings include pigment, filler, color paste, emulsion and resin, thickener, dispersant, defoamer,leveling agent, film-forming assistant, etc. These raw materials contain moisture and nutrie...
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