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Chemical Name: 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxy Benzophenone-5-Sulphonic Acid
CAS NO: 4065-45-6
Molecular Formula:C14H12O6S
Molecular Weight:308.31

Appearance: Off-white or light yellow crystalline powder
Assay (HPLC): ≥ 99.0%
PH Value 1.2~2.2
Melting Point ≥ 140℃
Loss on Drying ≤ 3.0%
Turbidity in water ≤ 4.0EBC
Heavy Metals ≤ 5ppm
Gardner Color ≤ 2.0

Benzophenone-4 is a water-soluble & is recommended for the highest sun protection factors. Tests have shown that Benzophenone-4 stabilizes the viscosity of gels based on polyacrylic acid (Carbopol, Pemulen) when they are exposed to UV radiation. Concentrations as low as 0.1% provides good results. It is used as ultra-violet stabilizer in wool, cosmetics, pesticides &lithographic plate coating. It must be noted
tha tBenzophenone-4is not compatible with Mg salts, particularly in water-oil emulsions. Benzophenone-4 has a yellow color that becomes more intensive in the alkaline range & may alter the due of colored solutions.

Package and Storage:
1.25kg carton
2.Sealed and stored away from light

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