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Chemical name: 2,2'-Dihydroxy-4,4'-Dimethoxybenzophenone-5, 5' –Sodium Sulfonate; Benzophenone-9
CAS No.: 76656-36-5

Appearance:Bright yellow crystalline powder
Gardner Color: 6.0 max
Assay:85.0% min or 65.0% min
Chromatographic Purity: 98.0% min
Odor:Similar in character and intensity to standrad,very slight solvent odor
K-value(in water at 330 nm): 16.0 min
Solubility:(5g/100ml water at 25 deg C) Clear solution, free from insoluble

Use: This product is a water-soluble ultraviolet radiation-absorbing agent with a wide spectrum and the maximum light-absorbing wavelength of 288nm.It has the advantages of high absorbing efficiency, no toxicity, and no allergy-causing and no deformity-causing side effects, good lights stability and heat stability etc. Moreover it can absorb UV-A and UV-B, being class I sun protection agent, added in cosmetics with the dosage of 5-8%.

Package and Storage
1.25kg carton
2.Stored in sealed, dry and dark conditions

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