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Ingredients: UV-1130 and UV-123 mixture
Product name: UV-5060; UV-1130; UV-123

Technical index:
Appearance: light amber viscous liquid
Content: 99.8%
Dynamic Viscousity at 20℃: 10000mPa.s
Density at 20℃: 0.98g/ml

Light transmittance:

Wave length nm (0.005% in toluene)

Light transmittance %




Near 100

Usage:  UV absorbers5060 has good resistance to high temperature and anti-extraction characteristics particularly suitable for higher weather resistance requirements of industrial and automotive coatings industries and also can provide sufficient sensitivity matrix such as carpentry class protection. It Can significantly improve the performance of the coating to prevent the loss of light, cracking, blistering, peeling and discoloration.

General dosage:
Wood coatings 2.0~4.0%
Industrial baking finishes 1.0~3.0%
Polyurethane coatings 1.0~3.0%
Non-polyurethane finishes 1.0~3.0%
Unsaturated polyester/styrene gum coatings 0.5~1.5%

Package and Storage
1. 25kgs Net/Plastic drum
2. Stored in a cool and ventilated place.

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